7 Signs When a Man Loves You: Discover His True Feelings

There’s no denying, nothing’s more frustrating than not knowing how a man feels about you. Men are at times affectionate and warm, while at other times, reserved and aloof.

The worst? When a man goes from hot to ice cold in a single day.

A woman’s greatest worry is questioning the intensity of a man’s feelings for her. If you experience all four seasons in his temperament in a matter of minutes, is he really into you?

When exploring the laws of attraction, science-backed signs emerge. However, you don’t want to know if he’s merely attracted to you—you need to know if his engaging charisma translates into something authentic and genuine.

If you’re in search of undeniable signs when a man loves you, here’s an eye-opening guide to help you spot them.

When a man loves you
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Magnetic Charm: When He Can’t Get Enough of Being With You

A man who loves you looks for opportunities to spend time with you.

How often does he initiate making plans? It’s true what they say: men enjoy the thrill of the chase.

The more he wants to see you, the more he likes you. However, this is not the case if he wants to meet daily to get physical. A man who genuinely cares about you will value an emotional connection over physical desires. True intimacy is realized inside a committed partnership, such as within a loving marriage.

So, the burning question remains: When did you last see him? And, even more crucially, has he made plans to see you again soon? Instead of initiating the next time you’ll get together, allow him to suggest when you’ll meet up again.

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More than Words: What His Body Language Reveals About His Heart

Does he keep eye contact? A mesmerized stare? Men like to look at what they like.

Maintaining eye contact conveys focused attention, fascination, and interest. And long periods of eye contact may suggest all kinds of feelings and intents, including love, curiosity, and longing.

But it’s not just eye contact that you need to look out for. According to research, a man’s position in a room can reveal romantic intentions. If a man likes you, he’ll face you. In other words, instead of standing alongside you or next to you, he’ll position himself opposite you so that he can look directly at you. If he’s sitting next to you on a couch, he’ll purposefully reposition his torso to face you, intentionally wanting closeness and an intimate connection.

Because this behavior happens subconsciously, positioning where he stands in a room is a true test of his interest.

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Subtle Signs: When He Makes Excuses to Touch You

These small clues are impossible to ignore. Watch for situations where you hand him something, and he touches your hand in the process. In crowded situations, such as manoeuvring to find a seat, he’ll brush past you, subtly wanting to touch you. This is because when a man likes you, he naturally looks for physical contact.

Take a moment to remember the last time you were together: how many times did he “accidently” touch you? The next time you’re with him… count!

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Gift Giving: His Heartfelt Intentions Behind the Things He Does or Buys for You

Love is action. So when he surprises you with little gifts or goes out of his way to run errands for you, take notice. This can be as small as making you a cup of tea or as grand as buying you a car. Often, a man’s desire to express his emotions overflows into his behavior. I even had a guy once who bought me cable!

But it’s not only about him buying you things; it’s about mutual care and two-way giving. As he does things for you, it’s important to reciprocate back in ways that he appreciates. Everyone’s love language is unique, so be sure to pick up on his from the start.

Does he clean up after dinner? Above all, does he remember your birthday and make you feel special?

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Valuing Your Input: Your Opinion is Important to Him

I have a theory that relationships between men and women last when a man respects a woman. A man may find a lot of women attractive, but he wants to marry a woman he respects. And this means other people must respect her, too, especially his peers.

Sadly, this usually translates to social and financial status. Is she revered amongst her colleagues? Does she hold a good position? Ultimately, a man desires a relationship with a woman who achieves her goals and improves herself.

The truth is that most successful men want to be with a successful woman. Consider George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, where George could’ve had any woman but settled for an intelligent woman who somewhat matches his success.

Ultimately, if he holds you in high regard and envisions a future with you, he’ll ask for your input on important decisions.

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Selfless Acts: How His Sacrifices Reveal His True Feelings

A selfless act when a man likes a woman means not eating all the peaches because he knows she loves them. Whereas a selfless act in marriage means a man not going out with his friends because his wife needs him to watch the newborn while she bathes.

Let me tell you about an unusual experience with a peculiar guy I dated who had an absolute obsession with football. It was unbelievable how he would choose watching football over spending quality time with me. The worst part was that he’d prioritize football over seeing his own mother. It was definitely a disturbing experience, to say the least.

These clues tell a lot about a man. Ask yourself: Is what’s really important, important to him?

The Bottom Line

What distinguishes a man’s love for you from simply liking you?

Agapē love—sacrificial love.

This kind of love emerges in unseen moments, when no one is watching.

And it reveals itself through selflessness. Take, for instance, when a wife gives the last chicken tender to her husband in the next room, who has been working late for the third time this week. Although she may still be hungry, she gladly makes sacrifices for his sake, unbeknownst to him.

True love also reveals itself in the delivery room as a man witnesses the rawness of his wife giving birth yet continues to desire her months later. Yes, real love endures even when faced with physical imperfections and hardships.

Still… Love cannot be sustained solely by two people looking at each other. For love to remain through the years, it demands a greater focus and a more profound shared devotion to something or someone.

The truth is that when God becomes the third person in your relationship… The bond between you and the man you care for becomes unbreakable.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

A couple were never intended to look at each other to find true fulfillment. Like a pyramid, both husband and wife are meant to turn their focus up to the Lord. Because their marital bond is a three-fold chord, they will embark on an extraordinary journey, guided by God’s hand, to a destiny where miracles will occur, and their love will become an enduring witness to the power of faith.

So, if you are interested in divine destiny and are searching for the man God wants you to marry, don’t hesitate to reach out to Him directly. God is the greatest matchmaker and has the answers you’re looking for. Simply ask Him, and He will lead you to the one who is meant for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Signs When a Man Loves You

1. What does it mean when a man says he loves you and then disappears?

This scenario is not uncommon among men, even in healthy relationships. However, when a man expresses his love, it is expected that he would reach out within a day or two afterward. If he fails to initiate contact within a couple of days, he might be experiencing doubts about his declaration. In such cases, it’s best to wait for him to make the next move, and when he does, respond in a light-hearted manner. If he reaches out after a five-day gap, refrain from interrogating him. Instead, create a safe space for him to open up. Trust your instincts above all else, as they often guide you in the right direction.

    2. What makes a man love you?

    Love typically begins with attraction. Initially, a man will notice your physical appearance and how you present yourself. Soon after, he’ll begin to observe your values and principles, assessing if they are compatible with his own. Your work ethic and life goals fall into this category too. Financial and social compatibility also play a significant role. While it’s true that extroverts often complement introverts, it’s important for couples to share common interests. Above all else, a man should be genuinely interested in your mind and intellect.

    3. How do you know when a man loves you secretly?

    A man who loves you secretly will act selflessly. Love may be silent, but true love is filled with action. The two most common signs that a man loves you secretly are that he’ll want to spend time with you and he’ll make personal sacrifices for you. Most importantly, he’ll respect you.

    4. How do you know when a man loves you unconditionally?

    Unconditional love differs from like and does not leave when problems arise.

    When a Man Loves YouWhen a Man Likes You
    1. Focuses on enhancing your happiness and fulfillment1. Shows a desire to spend time with you
    2. Makes sacrifices for your benefit2. Makes personal sacrifices for you
    3. Always backs and encourages you3. Flirts in a cheerful and casual manner
    4. Shows a strong emotional connection4. Likes physical closeness and intimacy
    5. Offers true concern and affection5. Wants your approval and attention
    6. Makes a long-term commitment6. May be hesitant when it comes to making long-term plans
    7. Listens carefully and respects your viewpoints7. Enjoys your presence and common interests
    8. Values your personal boundaries and ideals8. Boundaries may not be fully appreciated or revered
    9. Helps you achieve your goals and dreams9. Admires your personality and traits
    10. Applauds your accomplishments and successes10. Shows awe and praises you

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